Hutensky Capital Partners (HCP) is an experienced provider of joint venture equity that can be quickly deployed in creative structures designed for strategically aligned developer/operators for a variety of uses.

Acquisitions: HCP can provide the equity needed for value-added acquisition opportunities identified by an owner/operator.

Recapitalization: HCP can fund and negotiate discounted loan payoffs and note purchases that allow owners to restructure debt on quality retail projects. HCP can also fund capital for lease-up expenses, finance improvements and redevelopment plans, or cover the cost of buying out a partner.

New DevelopmentHCP will fund pursuit expenses and project equity to create and construct quality, ground-up, retail development projects with strong sponsorship.

Reasons to Consider Hutensky Capital Partners

Shopping center owners have many choices for equity providers. However, HCP stands apart for several reasons.

  • Quick and Decisive: HCP can commit, close and fund shortly thereafter.
  • No Red Tape: HCP’s principals have full discretion over its equity. When we make a commitment, we do not need investor approval. You can benefit by getting a quick decision and a fast closing.
  • We Understand Your Business: HCP’s roots are in the shopping center business. We understand the value of opportunities, know the retailers and have worked through the challenges. We think like you, not like a bank or a hedge fund.
  • More than Money, Expertise: When HCP funds projects, our partners benefit from our experience, expertise and relationships. We won’t get in your way by presenting obstacles or delaying progress. By joining forces, we strengthen existing retailer and lender relationships that help make projects more successful.
  • An Exceptional Partner: Our goal is for our partners to prosper. In a typical deal, our operating partners perform property management, leasing, development and redevelopment services at market rate fees and can share in the upside potential.