The ongoing operation of a shopping center requires a constant flow of capital to carry, maintain and improve; lease up; and pay down or pay off existing debt. Hutensky Capital Partners (HCP) is in the business of providing equity to retail real estate owners to resolve issues in a variety of situations.

Over Leveraged: A property’s debt may be more than the value of the property or more than an amount that is eligible for refinancing at maturity. HCP can provide the capital to restructure or pay off the debt and give the operator the ability to focus on creating and further enhancing the value of the property.

Lack of Sufficient Equity to Fund Capital Items: Some owners may have a successful property, but lack the equity needed to fund tenant improvements and leasing commissions for potential lease-ups, or to make capital repairs needed to keep the project vibrant. HCP can provide the needed equity for these uses and allow the owner to maintain control of the property.

Partnership Issues: In a changing market, partners occasionally find that their investment priorities have changed and the partnership is no longer productive. HCP has provided funding to buy out a partner; this capability brings capital and a fresh, experienced perspective that often gives a project the impetus needed to move forward.

We Can Make a Difference

HCP has done it before. We have experience with loan purchases, discounted loan payoffs and partner buyouts.

We want our partners to profit from our relationship. If capable, our operating partners provide the leasing, management and development services for a fee. We will always structure a form of upside potential regardless of how much capital, if any, that our partner is investing.

HCP’s foundation is in the shopping center industry. We define ourselves as shopping center professionals who provide capital – not capital providers who invest in all property types. We will add value wherever possible, using our extensive relationships with retailers, lenders and developers. We know how difficult our business can be in the best of times; so, we are committed to providing quick approvals on leases and other decisions whenever required.

Hutensky Capital Partners understands the capital requirements of retail real estate. HCP, through its hands-on operating company, the Hutensky Group, has been involved with more than 250 retail properties as an owner, developer or service provider for more than three decades. The company features a fully integrated team of experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals in every category relevant to the business of retail real estate. The team’s expert capabilities are an integral part of our competitive advantage.